I’m sure you are looking at finding some of the best Nintendo Switch charging stand. Well, the Nintendo Switch Charging Stand is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories that is of high quality and durability. The accessory allows you to plug your Nintendo Switch charger into the console. From the moment you pick up the package you’ll know you made the right choice. It’s heavy and you will notice, but the moment it’s in your hands you’ll see that this is one of the must have accessories for your Nintendo Switch. Due to it’s weight and the rubber grips on the stand, your Nintendo Switch is not going anywhere with this accessory.

The movement of the stand is difficult, but doesn’t require a ton of force to move. It’s just enough so that it takes a little more effort, but not so little effort that your Nintendo Switch will fall. It holds it in place and doesn’t budge. This stand could also be used for your iPad or other tablet, and even your phone! This accessory you could take with you anywhere you go, put it in your bag, your purse, or your car.

Overall I am very pleased with the Nintendo Switch Charging Stand. When I am playing the console in it’s portable mode, I want it to be as it was intended. Portable. This just can not happen if I am forced to hold the entire console while I wait for it to charge, it gets heavy and I don’t want to hold it the entire time. This is why I chose the Nintendo Switch Charging Stand. It works really well and with a very cheap price tag of $10.98 I thought for sure this product would not be up to my quality standards, however upon using it I was blown away. The looks, feel, and overall quality are something the cheap plastic counterparts should learn from!

Overall Rating